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Finer Labels are very good with the jewelries we have displayed here for you.

Let's understand a little about our jewelries. 

If you see, silver hardware, yes, it will be made out of real silver and not steel coated with silver spray. 

If you see yellow or rose gold, its base is silver and the coating of gold are all real. 18k gold, no joke. 

If you see pearl or diamond, these are man-made, carefully selected grades. 

As you cn see, all jewelries takes a lot of time to assemble too. It does not ends at the part when you can come fro good material. 

Having to go through this amount of time, why will we still want to make very fake replicas?

We are not here to sell you once and earn your one time money. We are here to be-friend you. Understand your needs and give you what you want and most importantly, let you money worth. 

All our jewelries last forever and we have the actual original item to copy it from. 



When Buying with Finer Labels

When you check out an item with Finer Labels, you will receive a set of payment instructions shortly after your order is sent. 

If you do not see any payment instructions mail from us, please check your spam box.

Once payment is received, we will need 2-3 days to prepare your order. 

You will receive detailed QC pictures of the actual product for approval before we ship. (Finer Labels is the only On-Line cart that provide detailed QC pictures of the actual ordered item for customer's approval before shipping to you.)

All our direct shippings are done with DHL Express (unless specified).  Shipping to Asia, USA and UK will take 10 working days (2 weeks) to you. 

For custom sensitive countries, we do have transhipment facility to ship it to you. This process will take up to 3-4 weeks. 

Email me at [email protected] or join me in WeChat at the link below if you have any questions. 



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